3 Easy Ways for Making Your Medical Practice More Inviting

Patient-Room-Horizontal_Vero-PRC Chair

Attracting patients and building their loyalty is no less worthwhile and challenging than keeping them healthy. Excellent care, precise organization and well-trained, courteous staff are a must nowadays but no longer make you stand out. Therefore, every single aspect of your practice must be excellent for it to be competitive, especially given that Bermuda competes for medical tourists.

If quality of care and efficiency of its delivery are the number one priority, the environment is a close second. Patients are keen observers and notice how inviting and personable your practice is. If your clinic exudes comfort and a warm, familiar atmosphere, your clients are more likely to have a positive experience and overall high satisfaction levels.

Here are 3 tips to make your practice more cozy, warm and soothing.

1. Acquire some comfortable furniture

Shaky chairs and worn-out couches in your waiting room can make the pre-encounter experience negative. Do not allow an unpleasant 15-minute waiting room experience overshadow a technically and intellectually superb appointment or procedure! Get some comfortable, appealing yet durable waiting room furniture. Make sure all items lend themselves to easy cleaning and disinfection! Also, remember to spread out the seating to give visitors some space.

An example of comfortable, appealing, cleanable and durable waiting room furniture.

Image credit: Spec Furniture.

By the way, the waiting room is not the only area that should be serene and inviting. Examination rooms should also not look too sterile and clinical, and create a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Oakworks PF 400 examination table.

Image credit: Oakworks.

2. Create a soothing ambiance

Lighting. Natural lighting will improve your visitors’ mood and promotes normal circadian rhythm; use it whenever possible. If your waiting room does not have windows, invest in LED lighting, which is both cost-efficient and pleasant.

Artwork. Artwork improves the look and feel of just about any area, particularly in windowless rooms. Consider putting up some Ansel Adams photographs, nature / landscape scenery or even a working water feature.

Life. Potted plants oxygenate the room, look great and create a sense of calm. Some plants, like Azores Jasmine, Marino Blue Heliotrope, Spearmint and Silver Drop Eucalyptus also produce a pleasant and relaxing fragrance. Also, a fish tank is a great choice for your reception area – watching fish can have a calming, peaceful effect.

AED. Having an AED promotes the sense of safety. Every medical practice should have one.

3. Provide convenience

Reading. In addition to the usual magazines, place some coffee table books, such as photo albums as well as gardening and travel guides, around the waiting room. Consider having a small bookshelf with books on various topics so that everyone can find something of interest.

Wi-Fi. Some patients may wish to use their mobile devices as they wait. Others may want to catch up on some work. Also, having a small “business corner” with a desk and an office chair may be helpful if many of your clients are business people.

Kids’ area. Having a small space set up with some toys and children’s books can help families get through their appointments smoother and easier.