Beekley imaging and radiation therapy markers

Precisely localize lesions, clearly mark areas of concern, accurately guide your interventional procedures and increase patients’ comfort.

  • All Beekley items are quality manufactured in the USA since 1960s
  • Beekley products are used in 48 countries worldwide
  • All products are designed for maximum safety and for best image quality


Create a calming environment, promote comfort and improve quality of life as a complementary health approach.


Save time, improve accuracy, and provide a better patient experience in CT-Scan procedures.


Skin markers and receptor plate covers help improve communication, clinical outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction.


Clearly identify areas of interest in MRI with a bright and consistent image on all sequences.

Multi-Modality Fiducial

Bright, consistent imaging under CT and MRI. Unique conical design assists with more precise image registration.

Radiation Oncology

Save time while improving accuracy and patient satisfaction during treatment planning in both CT and conventional simulation.

Specimen Radiography

Increase communication between surgery, radiology and pathology during excisional and core breast biopsy procedures.


Communicate points of interest, areas of pain in general diagnostic and emergency room imaging.