3 ways in which poor air quality destroys your practice

Types of indoor air quality problems CCOHS suggests that there are multiple indoor air quality problems: Physical properties – examples include inadequate temperature, humidity, changes in oxygen and CO2 content. Contaminants – for instance, chemicals, dust or particles, mold or fungi, bacteria, gases, toxic vapors and unpleasant odors. This article focuses on air contaminants. Here […]

How to properly sterilize your surgical instruments

Surgical instrument forceps

Instrument sterilization is not merely a task. Rather, it is a comprehensive process, incorporating best practices in workflow, logistics, equipment, techniques and procedures. WARNING: this is not a sterilization manual. Rather, this is a summary of the very detailed process. If you are developing a sterilization capability for your facility, please contact us at CONTACT@LHMEDS.COM. Step 1: […]

How To Avoid Diseases With a Safety Closed IV Catheter

B Braun Introcan safety IV catheter

What often happens without a safety closed IV catheter You have found the vein, assembled your supplies and disinfected the skin. A perfect, smooth motion, and the needle is in the vein; blood “flashback” confirms proper placement. You withdraw the catheter and although you apply some pressure on the vein, some blood leaks out before […]

3 Easy Ways for Making Your Medical Practice More Inviting

Patient-Room-Horizontal_Vero-PRC Chair

Attracting patients and building their loyalty is no less worthwhile and challenging than keeping them healthy. Excellent care, precise organization and well-trained, courteous staff are a must nowadays but no longer make you stand out. Therefore, every single aspect of your practice must be excellent for it to be competitive, especially given that Bermuda competes […]


CLEAR! The doctor grabs the defibrillator paddles, rubs them together (more for the visual effect than for any medical reason) and yells “Clear!” He then places the paddles on a patient’s chest, delivering an electric shock to the patient and “restarting” the heart. Anyone could experience a cardiac arrest. If you have severe heart disease, you are at […]

Lighthouse Medical Supplies, Ltd. Partners With Zoll Medical Corporation

Zoll products defibrillator AED

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sep 9, 2020 Mike Serebrennik, MD Lighthouse Medical Supplies, Ltd. (441) 747-5483 CONTACT@LHMEDS.COM Lighthouse Medical Supplies, Ltd. Partners With Zoll Medical Corporation Latest devices for patient defibrillation, monitoring now available to Bermuda’s EMS professionals [Hamilton, Bermuda]: Lighthouse Medical Supplies, Ltd. today announced a new partnership with Zoll Medical Corporation. This partnership will […]