Vital signs monitors and spot monitors: what’s the difference?

Patient monitoring is an essential part of your patient’s experience in your clinic. All medical specialties, from GPs to Cardiologists and OBGYNs to Pediatricians, rely on clinically precise and accurate patient data. Information like vital signs is critical in planning and monitoring treatments, evaluating progression of illnesses and other clinical tasks. In conversation, we distinguish […]

3 ways in which poor air quality destroys your practice

Types of indoor air quality problems CCOHS suggests that there are multiple indoor air quality problems: Physical properties – examples include inadequate temperature, humidity, changes in oxygen and CO2 content. Contaminants – for instance, chemicals, dust or particles, mold or fungi, bacteria, gases, toxic vapors and unpleasant odors. This article focuses on air contaminants. Here […]

How to properly sterilize your surgical instruments

Surgical instrument forceps

Instrument sterilization is not merely a task. Rather, it is a comprehensive process, incorporating best practices in workflow, logistics, equipment, techniques and procedures. WARNING: this is not a sterilization manual. Rather, this is a summary of the very detailed process. If you are developing a sterilization capability for your facility, please contact us at CONTACT@LHMEDS.COM. Step 1: […]

How To Avoid Diseases With a Safety Closed IV Catheter

B Braun Introcan safety IV catheter

What often happens without a safety closed IV catheter You have found the vein, assembled your supplies and disinfected the skin. A perfect, smooth motion, and the needle is in the vein; blood “flashback” confirms proper placement. You withdraw the catheter and although you apply some pressure on the vein, some blood leaks out before […]

3 Easy Ways for Making Your Medical Practice More Inviting

Patient-Room-Horizontal_Vero-PRC Chair

Attracting patients and building their loyalty is no less worthwhile and challenging than keeping them healthy. Excellent care, precise organization and well-trained, courteous staff are a must nowadays but no longer make you stand out. Therefore, every single aspect of your practice must be excellent for it to be competitive, especially given that Bermuda competes […]


CLEAR! The doctor grabs the defibrillator paddles, rubs them together (more for the visual effect than for any medical reason) and yells “Clear!” He then places the paddles on a patient’s chest, delivering an electric shock to the patient and “restarting” the heart. Anyone could experience a cardiac arrest. If you have severe heart disease, you are at […]