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Vital signs monitors and spot monitors: what’s the difference?

Patient monitoring is an essential part of your patient’s experience in your clinic. All medical [...]

7 Hidden Reasons Your Patients Are Abandoning You

An unexpected problem You are a skillful, careful and caring physician. Yet, the flow of [...]

3 ways in which poor air quality destroys your practice

Types of indoor air quality problems CCOHS suggests that there are multiple indoor air quality [...]

4 Ways To Boost Profits By Streamlining Your Practice

You come to your office early and stay late, in the hope of catching up. [...]

How to properly sterilize your surgical instruments

Instrument sterilization is not merely a task. Rather, it is a comprehensive process, incorporating best practices [...]

How To Avoid Diseases With a Safety Closed IV Catheter

What often happens without a safety closed IV catheter You have found the vein, assembled [...]

3 Easy Ways for Making Your Medical Practice More Inviting

Attracting patients and building their loyalty is no less worthwhile and challenging than keeping them [...]

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