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Cardiophon 2.0 Stethoscope

The masterpiece of Riester’s stethoscope range

  • Specially developed for cardiology, cardiophon 2.0 is Riester’s masterpiece.
  • Cardiophon 2.0 has a much improved acoustic compared to the previous model and sets a new standard for cardiology stethoscopes. It excels in the frequency range between 200-500 Hz, which is particularly important for the auscultation of heart sounds. The cardiophon 2.0 is suitable for auscultation of both adults and children, particularly.
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R1 shock-proof® Sphygmomanometer

R1 shock-proof® – the new standard for aneroid blood pressure measurement with patented shock-proof technology.

  • Shock-proof up to a falling height of 120 cm (4 ft). In contrast, standard aneroid sphygmomanometers are shock-sensitive and their measurement accuracy could be impaired after an impact or a fall to the floor, requiring expensive repairs or replacement.
  • Maximum error tolerance of +/- 2 mmHg
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Rotary instruments

Get rapid, direct access to the leading North American and European dental brands right here in Bermuda, only from Lighthouse Medical!

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Sonoscanner Orcheo Lite Portable Ultrasound Scanner

With Orcheo Lite you will benefit from the newest digital technology:

  • Exclusive 3D/4D with light rendering and volume rotation
  • Elastography for better risk assessment
  • Panoramic live scanning to extend the field of view beyond limitation
  • User friendly and easy to use interface
  • Just 5kg weight
  • Dedicated trolley available
  • 3 Probes connection kit available
  • Dedicated travel case available
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UMF Medical FusionONE Power Exam Chairs

With the accessibility of a power table and the affordability of a box table, the FusionONE Exam Chair offers the features healthcare providers need most — all in one chair!

This hi-lo exam chair enables simple ADA access and ease of examination for patients of all ages and abilities.

FusionONE Series:

  • Model 3001
  • Model 3002
  • Model 3003
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